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March 2012 Archives

Athens man cited for underage drinking after urinating in public

If you can't make it to the restroom in time, sometimes you just need to go wherever you can find a somewhat secluded spot in public. Well, that's how one Athens man justified urinating in public over St. Patrick's Day weekend. Unfortunately, that decision also got him into a little a trouble with the law.

Georgia drivers face lengthy license suspensions after DUI arrests

Even if a University of Georgia student is able to keep his or her college scholarship or a business executive at a successful firm is not at risk of losing his or her job after a DUI arrest or conviction, a DUI arrest carries other harsh consequences that could have a serious impact on one's daily activities.

Groups pushing for tougher penalties for DUI offenders in Georgia

Earlier this week on our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog, we discussed some of the serious charges and consequences intoxicated drivers face if they are accused of causing a motor vehicle accident, especially if the accident results in serious injury or death. But Georgia motorists could soon be facing tougher penalties for first-offense DUI charges, even if they are not responsible for causing a car accident.

Georgia woman accused of fatal DUI crash seeks new trial

Simply put, driving drunk is dangerous. When one is intoxicated, his or her vision and judgment can be impaired and one's reaction time can be delayed, affecting a driver's ability to operate a vehicle safely. Oftentimes, accidents involving intoxicated drivers result in serious or fatal injuries because these drivers are not always able to react to hazards on the road as quickly as sober drivers are able to. In other cases, intoxicated drivers are responsible for making poor decisions that lead to motor vehicle accidents.