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February 2012 Archives

NFL player's DUI charges dropped by prosecutors in Georgia

After a DUI arrest, an individual may soon discover that he or she could be at risk of losing his or her career or educational opportunities. Because so much is at stake after a DUI arrest, many individuals who have been charged with drunk driving in Georgia choose to work with an attorney who will evaluate the circumstances of one's arrest in order to determine which course of action will be most beneficial for the individual.

Underage UGA student arrested for public intoxication

If you have been reading our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog for awhile now, you have probably come to the conclusion that DUI arrests are not as uncommon as they should be and numerous students and professionals have been charged with drinking and driving under a variety of circumstances in the state of Georgia.

Negligent trooper's job loss prompts dismissal of DUI charges

Due to the determined negligence of his duty, a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper has lost his job and nearly 100 motorists charged with drunk driving had their cases dismissed last week. About half of the individuals were charged with first offense DUI. Others faced repeat DUI charges, which would have resulted in major penalties if the individuals would have been convicted.

Athens-Clarke County police officer arrests driver with .07 BAC

In Georgia, the laws regarding drinking and driving may seem simple enough for college students and residents to understand. If a driver's blood alcohol concentration is .08 or higher, the individual will automatically be arrested and charged with driving under the influence, even if the individual has no prior DUI arrests. But can a driver be arrested for DUI if his or her BAC is less than the state's legal limit of .08?

DUI arrest puts driver's NASCAR racing career on hold

Convictions of minor alcohol-related offenses committed by University of Georgia students could certainly come back to haunt them in the future if they are ever convicted of other criminal charges during their college years. But when a professional is charged with a criminal offense like drunk driving, his or her entire career could be put on the line.

University of Georgia student arrested at bar for using fake ID

University of Georgia students who are not of legal age to drink alcohol understand that there will be some risk involved if they ever choose to go out to the bars with their friends who are 21 or older. Although getting caught drinking one beer at a bar may seem like a minor offense, the offense could carry far more serious consequences than what an underage student might have expected, especially if the student is caught using a fake ID.

Athens-Clarke police report 18 DUI arrests in recent checkpoints

Reporters for the University of Georgia's independent student newspaper did some digging around and discovered that in just five recent checkpoints conducted by Athens-Clarke County police more than a dozen DUI arrests were made. More than 1,200 drivers were pulled over during the stops, which are conducted at random and in various locations throughout the year in the Athens-Clarke County area.

Woman claims big breasts affected her balance for sobriety tests

In Athens, Georgia, police officers may ask drivers who are suspected of being intoxicated while behind the wheel to perform several field sobriety tests before making a DUI arrest. Tests may include following a light with one's eyes or walking in a straight line. In some cases, drivers may even be asked to take a breath test, which provides officers with an estimate of one's blood alcohol concentration.

Penny provides no luck to Athens man arrested for drunk driving

When drivers are pulled over by Athens-Clarke police officers after they have been drinking, they may suddenly feel panicked by the realization that they could be accused of drunk driving. Even when drivers are fairly certain that they are not legally drunk, panicking about the situation could cause drivers to make some unwise decisions that could only result in making matters worse.

University of Georgia requests employees to disclose DUI arrests

During the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year, an independent student newspaper for the University of Georgia wrote an article that informed students that any arrest of a student would be reported by law enforcement to university officials. This includes arrests for underage drinking, possession of marijuana and drunk driving.