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November 2011 Archives

College football coach charged with DUI faces numerous penalties

Last month, our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog discussed the legal and social consequences a linebacker for the University of Georgia faced after he was arrested for driving under the influence. Now a college football coach is in a heap of trouble that could cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines after he was arrested and charged with DUI earlier this month.

DUI cases questioned after Georgia officer admits falsifying evidence

Our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog has discussed a variety of circumstances in which individuals have been arrested for drunk driving. Our blog has also discussed the numerous legal and social consequences individuals may face after being charged with DUI in the state of Georgia.

Georgia State Troopers add extra enforcement on roads this holiday

If you don't work in retail, chances are you are getting ready to windup your school week or work week so that you can enjoy a long, relaxing weekend with family and friends. Thanksgiving certainly reminds many Georgia students and residents of the good company family and friends may offer, but troopers are also reminding residents this holiday season of the dangers of drinking and driving.

University of Georgia student arrested for DUI after hitting car

While the fall semester is nearing its end, University of Georgia students may understand by now that their peers who have been arrested for drunk driving not only face the embarrassment and legal consequences that are associated with DUI charges, but they may also face serious penalties issued by university officials.

Rodney King faces prison sentence for repeat DUI charges

Numerous news outlets have reported that earlier this week, Rodney King pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. King, who is notably known for being attacked by four police officers in 1991, was arrested for DUI in July after he was pulled over in Moreno Valley, California. His blood-alcohol content was over the legal limit of 0.08.

Athens bars, stores connected with underage possession arrests

According to the Athens-Clarke County Police, several college students and other individuals who are under the legal age to drink alcohol are charged each week with underage possession or other alcohol related charges.

Georgia woman gets unusual punishment during sentencing for DUI

Our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog has mentioned a variety of legal, financial and social consequences individuals may face if convicted of driving under the influence. However, one Georgia woman who was convicted of drunk driving received an unusual punishment last week during her sentencing as part of a plea deal.