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October 2011 Archives

Halloween one of the deadliest nights for impaired drivers

Halloween is only a few days away and millions of children are eagerly anticipating dressing up in their costumes to go trick-or-treating. But Halloween is not just for kids. Many Georgia college students and adults are looking forward to attending costume parties and celebrating with friends. Consequently, this also means that more individuals may make the mistake to drink and drive this Halloween weekend.

University of Georgia student runs red light, arrested for DUI

Most Georgia drivers understand the importance of practicing safe driving habits, but many may also admit to accidentally missing a stop sign or running a red light at one time or another after being so distracted by one's thoughts. However, failing to abide by simple traffic laws will certainly call the attention of police officers if present and warrant a reason to pull a driver over.

Central Georgia Tech students practice drunk driving

Earlier this week, Central Georgia Technical College students got to see what it is like to drive drunk. To be clear, the students did not consume alcohol and they were not actually driving a vehicle on our Georgia roads. Instead, they participated in a simulation program that is making its way around the country to educate young drivers about the dangers of drunk driving.

CDC urges states to increase sobriety checkpoints

As we have previously discussed on our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog, an individual may face serious legal and social consequences if charged with driving under the influence. Members of university athletic teams may be suspended from playing in games, professionals could lose their jobs and others could be sentenced to serve time in jail.

UGA student allegedly fails field sobriety tests, charged with DUI

Another University of Georgia student was arrested this week after a police officer suspected the 30-year-old woman of driving under the influence. The woman was taken to the Clarke County Jail Wednesday morning after the officer administered several field sobriety tests.

Georgia woman faces DUI charge

Being accused of having driven under the influence can be a very serious matter. A person can face criminal charges in connection to such an allegation. This can be seen in a DUI case that has recently arisen in Georgia.

UGA football player arrested for DUI

UGA linebacker Cornelius Washington was arrested last Sunday morning in Commerce and charged with driving under the influence. Washington was pulled over by law enforcement about 20 miles from Athens at about 2 a.m. early Sunday. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, law enforcement pulled him over after he was clocked driving 92 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone.

Flashlights that detect alcohol in use in DUI stops

Special police flashlights have been in use in certain college towns and other locations that can detect alcohol on a person's breath if held near their face. These flashlights could be used in a traffic stop in which the police officer thinks a person may be driving under the influence of alcohol.