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January 2011 Archives

Company developing alcohol-detection device for automakers

A company called QinetiQ is working to develop an alcohol-detection device to be available to automakers in 8 to 10 years. The company received grants from the U.S. government and automakers to develop the technology. According to the Boston Herald, the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) would require a driver to take a breath test and be measured above the 0.08 blood-alcohol limit for the car to start. Another prototype being developed by the company would measure the level of alcohol in someone's system through the driver's fingertips.

Costs of DUI arrest, conviction can include career: Part 2

The previous post began to discuss how DUI charges can cost an arrested person their career. As noted in other posts, careers can be in jeopardy if an arrested person is a coach, teacher or in medical or other service professions. A DUI arrest can lead to the suspension of the charged person's driver's license if the suspension is not successfully challenged. For this reason, anyone who has to drive to work will have to struggle to keep their job. A person's career can be in particular jeopardy if they drive for a living and are arrested for driving under the influence.

Costs of DUI arrest, conviction can include career: Part 1

Two stories in the news on Thursday demonstrate the high costs DUI charges can bring, including costing an arrested person a job or career. As noted in a previous post, a person's career can be jeopardized if they work with the public, practice medicine or teach or coach.

City Council Votes Against Facebook Shaming of DUI Suspects

The city council of a beach town in California has voted against directing the police department to post the photos of people arrested for repeat DUI on Facebook. A city councilman proposed the plan as a way to "shame" repeat DUI offenders and prevent further DUIs.

Vietnam Vet Says Tumor Caused Car Crash, Not DUI

A recent case in the news highlights the fact that people can be wrongly charged with DUI. A veteran of the Vietnam War recently had charges of DWI and criminal vehicular operation dropped against him in Minnesota. The veteran's doctor was prepared to testify in his defense that a 2008 crash occurred when the man had a seizure and not because he was intoxicated.

Two Men Arrested for "Driving" a Horse While Intoxicated

This blog has covered arrests for driving a car while intoxicated, driving a wheelchair while intoxicated, riding a bicycle while intoxicated and boating while intoxicated, but here's a new one -- riding a horse while intoxicated. According to The Statesman, two men were recently arrested for riding a horse and a mule into downtown Austin, Texas, while under the influence of alcohol.

T.I.'s Wife Completes Drug Diversion Program in Georgia, Charges Dropped

As noted in a previous post, last fall, T.I. was ordered back to prison by a federal judge in Atlanta for violating the terms of his probation. The rapper was on probation after serving time on weapons charges. T.I. was arrested and charged with violating his parole after police officers pulled him over in Los Angeles.

Tangible, Intangible Costs of DUI Conviction Run High

A previous post discussed the high costs of a DUI conviction and why, therefore, it is important to mount a proper defense in the face of any DUI charges. While the tangible costs of fines, alcohol education classes and probation costs can be high, a recent article in The Augusta Chronicle also notes the more intangible costs associated with a DUI arrest and conviction.

UGA Athletic Director's DUI Arrest One of Athens' Top Stories of 2010

The DUI arrest of former University of Georgia athletic director Damon Evans was one of Athens' top news stories of 2010. A recent article in the Athens Banner-Herald discusses the story's effect on the community of UGA and the greater Athens community as well as the aftermath of the incident for Evans and UGA's athletic program.

Cab Ride Cheaper than a First Time DUI

A report recently published online by FOX 31 News reminds New Year's partygoers this weekend that if they are feeling reluctant about spending their cash on a taxi ride after a night of drinking, they should remind themselves that a cab ride is cheaper than the costs associated with a first-time DUI.