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December 2010 Archives

Expect DUI Enforcement, Checkpoints on New Year's Eve

Law enforcement officers in Georgia have been sending the message to New Year's Eve partygoers that if they drink and drive tonight, they are going to get caught. The Georgia State Patrol Nighthawk DUI Task Force and local law enforcement officers will be out in full force on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day conducting DUI checkpoints and increased roving patrols, all with the goal of making numerous DUI arrests.

Georgia Man Arrested for DUI After Causing Car Accident

A Calhoun, Georgia man was arrested this past Monday evening and charged with misdemeanor DUI and felony possession of prescription drugs, amongst other charges.Flyod County Jail records indicate Police suspected the driver was under the influence after arriving on the scene of a car accident that had been caused by the man following another car too closely. The man's breath smelled distinctly of alcohol when officers questioned him at the scene of the accident, which led them to search him and his vehicle. Police recovered two hydrocodone tablets outside of their original containers.

Georgia State Patrol Set to Continue DUI Task Force, ALS Program

The Georgia State Patrol has announced that it will continue the Nighthawks DUI Task Force and the Administrative License Suspension (ALS) Program. The Governor's Office of Highway Safety awarded a traffic safety H.E.A.T. grant to the Georgia State Patrol for nearly $1.8 million that will keep the program going.

DUI Patrols Out During the Pre-Christmas Holiday Weekend

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season will cause more people to be on the roads, and more people on the roads will be met with increased law enforcement patrols. According to the Rockdale Citizen, the weekend of December 17 through December 19 is National Holiday Lifesaver Weekend. If you'll remember correctly from a previous post, the entire month of December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month (3D Month).

David Cassidy Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Charges

Around the same time Grammy-winning singer Faith Evans was pleading no contest to misdemeanor DUI charges, singer and former teen idol David Cassidy was pleading not guilty to DUI charges. Cassidy, 60, pleaded not guilty on Monday. He was arrested and charged with DUI last month.

More Holiday Parties Means More Sobriety Checkpoints

As discussed in the previous post, the holiday season is a time for numerous parties and celebrations, but the other side of the coin is that the holiday season is a time for increased enforcement of DUI and traffic laws. December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month (3D Month), a time when safety and health organizations around the country step up their campaigns for preventing drunk driving and law enforcement steps up patrols.

December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month

Thanksgiving marks the start of the winter holiday season, a season that includes numerous festive parties with co-workers, family and friends. Because of the increased holiday-related celebrating, public health and safety groups around the country and government organizations also amp up their efforts to prevent those partygoers from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.