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September 2010 Archives

Can You Get a DUI on a Lawnmower?

Officers in upstate New York were concerned this past weekend when they received a call reporting a man hunched over a riding lawnmower. When they arrived on scene, police identified the man as having received a license suspension a month prior for intoxicated driving.

Driving Under The Influence of Your iPhone in Georgia

Do teens understand just how much distracted driving impairs their ability to drive a car? Amidst a federal Department of Transportation summit on distracted driving in Washington Tuesday, new survey results have been released that conclude teenagers don't understand the results of texting while driving can be just as dire as driving under the influence.

In Georgia, You Can Get a DUI on a Bicycle

Now that the weather is getting cooler and more pleasant for outdoor exercise and with all the talk about leaving a smaller carbon footprint, you may decide to spend more time riding your bicycle. You also may decide to ride your bicycle to all those end-of-summer parties. You may commute to work well as to after-work happy hour. Students returning to the college campus may be riding their bikes to classes as well as to parties.

Former Georgia Resident Still Haunted by One-Time DUI Arrest

A recent story reported in the news involving a former Georgia resident shows how a DUI or driver's license suspension can follow you if not correctly handled. A woman in California recently had her car sold by the DMV after the DMV seems to have mistakenly believed that the woman's driver's license was still suspended from a Georgia DUI arrest in 2003.  

Paris Hilton Facing Drug Charges, Boyfriend Arrested for DUI

Police pulled up alongside a Cadillac Escalade in Las Vegas on August 27 and pulled it over, claiming to have smelled an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. This is not an unusual scenario for the Vegas Strip; what has led this particular case to be reported all over the media is that Paris Hilton was the SUV's passenger.

Expect DUI Checkpoints Over Labor Day Weekend

Law enforcement officials are promising to be a heavy presence on roadways and waterways this Labor Day weekend. Spencer Moore, deputy director of the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, said that law enforcement across Georgia and North Carolina are banding together again for the 19th annual Hands Across the Border checkpoint.

Georgia Law Enforcement Plans Extra Patrols for Labor Day Weekend

Georgia law enforcement officials will be out in full-force over the Labor Day weekend looking for drunk drivers, aggressive drivers and speeders. Law enforcement officials are reminding the public of Georgia's policy of Operation Zero Tolerance, which started August 20 and will continue through Labor Day.