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We Are Not Intimidated By Prosecutors or Adversarial Spouses

When you face a serious legal issue, there is a lot at stake. Whether you are going through a divorce or have been charged with DUI — your financial well-being, your future or your freedom could be in jeopardy. The most important decision you make at this time is whom you will choose to represent you.

At Daniels & Rothman, P.C., our team is composed of aggressive litigators. We are true trial lawyers and are not afraid to take a case to court in order to get you the results you need. While not every legal matter ends up in the courtroom, it is still important that you have a trial attorney on your side from day one. Our lawyers know how to prepare solid evidence-based cases. In fact it is often because of our strong trial preparation skills that we can obtain favorable results outside of court. This can include helping our clients win primary child custody or securing dropped DUI charges.

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Let Our Legal Focus Work For You

Our attorneys have more than 50 years of collective legal experience in a variety of areas. So when you choose our law firm, you will have the benefit of working with a team experienced in addressing the exact legal problems you are facing. Learn more about our areas of practice:

  • Family law : We help clients find positive resolutions to even the most complex family law matters. Our family law practice covers issues in divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, enforcement and domestic violence.
  • DUI and criminal defense : People who have been charged with DUI or a criminal offense come to our firm to fight their charges — not to plead out. Ours is one of the few firms that consistently defends these charges in trial and has an outstanding rate of success.

The First Step Starts With A Call To Our Law Firm

We understand there is a lot riding on the outcome of your legal matter. Our lawyers are fighters and will do everything in their legal power to protect your rights and your future. Contact our Athens law firm at 706-621-5166 to see why so many other clients throughout Georgia have trusted us with their legal problems.

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