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Posts tagged "Underage Drinking"

Know your defense options for an underage DUI charge

Underage drinking is a serious problem, but it isn't something that should be the end of the world for the underage drinker. Many college students choose to ignore the minimum drinking age in an effort to have fun socially and seem more mature. Even though this is common, it is something that must be addressed, especially if the person is drinking and driving.

Underage drinking has immediate and long-term consequences

Even the most attentive parents may be shocked to learn how young many kids are when they start drinking -- too often with serious and even fatal results. According to the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism, more than a third of teens have consumed at least one drink by the time they're 15. Nearly two-thirds have drunk alcohol by the time they reach 18.

Georgia teen kills himself after police break up party

Fulton County authorities say that a 14-year-old high school student took his own life the day after police were called to a party at his home that allegedly involved underage drinking and marijuana use. According to the medical examiner's office, the teen shot himself.

The dangers of underage drinking for teens and preteens

Many parents of teens and even preteens would be shocked to learn just how easy it is for their kids to get ahold of alcohol. The dangers of overconsumption of alcohol for young people can be particularly dangerous because they may not know when to say when.

Talk to your kids about drinking before holiday parties begin

As the holiday season rolls around, along with the attendant social gatherings, there will be more opportunities than ever for young people under the legal drinking age to have access to alcohol. Even if they're not exposed to it at parties with friends, teens and even younger kids often get a hold of alcohol from their own homes from bars and kitchens stocked for parties.

Can seeking medical amnesty protect you from charges?

One of the major risks of underage drinking is alcohol poisoning. Unlike many seasoned drinkers with years of imbibing under their belts, underage drinkers do not realize their limitations when it comes to illegal consumption of alcohol.